Straighter Road's exciting blend of gospel and jazz is the signature sound that brought them the coveted 2015 Pacific Northwest and  National Harmony Sweepstakes Awards. They also won two CARA Awards in 2017 for Best Religious Album and Best Religious Song for their debut album, Come and Join the Family, released in January of 2016. This band of 7 vocalist from the greater Seattle area, established in 2012 as a gospel choir eventually came together as a smaller ensemble.  Acapella came a bit later for Straighter Road as they developed their sound and they embraced the challenge of singing without instruments.

They are very excited about what the future holds  and the chance to share their Christian faith through their music. They are currently embarking on an ambitious Christmas Album project with a very well known Christian Artist (details to be released Later) and are very excited about the opportunites presented to them from that project. 

" A secret bathed in heavens light -reveals a troubled soul, and offers hope in darkest night to walk the Straighter Road." Even safe and secure knowledge and trust in the Lord Jesus does not guarentee we wont have trials, challenges and even heartache - we most certainly wil - but God will never leave us or forsake us and he guides us along the Straighter Road!
  1. Not Alone Not Alone
Come and Join the Family
Winner of two 2016 CARA 's
(Contemporary Acapella Recording Awards) 
-Best Religious Album
-Best Religious Song
An Acapella cover of Jamie Grace's song.
Upcoming Events
    Stay tuned for upcoming events! Straighter Road will be busy in '18 working on a Christmas Album!